Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Contemporary Curating Feedback

“This is a very good essay in which the author utilises a wide range of sources and writes authoritatively about Fluxus and curatorial practice. Moreover, the writing is clear and coherent, and the overall argument is well structured. However, the author occasionally states rather controversial positions as if they were obvious truisms, which indicates a lack of engagement with the debates surrounding the topic. For example, the author states that 'despite a variety of educational backgrounds; we inhabit the space as others do...' Yet, the author does not argue that point. Bourdieu & Darbel’s sociological analysis of the interplay between educational background and gallery engagement seems to undermine this position. Of course, one can disagree with them, but the author simply does not put forward an argument for his/her position. Nevertheless, the essay has a very clear and consistent focus and the author demonstrates a clear potential for excellence.”

(Anon, 2013)

This comment was written in response to my Contemporary Curating module essay Placing Audiences in relation to ‘The lunatics are on the loose... Fluxus European Festivals 1962-1977’, I wasn't sure if I should post it but I thought some might find it interesting. Also, stating controversial positions as if they were obvious truisms is something I tend to do all the time, not just in this particular case, I'm glad it’s not going unnoticed. 

Email: Received at 19:01 PM today:  "Those of you who saw your MA marks over the last 24 hours, please disregard. These were realised by Student Services in error and the marking process is still under way. Final marks will be released next week." Sigh. I wonder if the above comment on my work will have changed due to this premature leak.

Edit: Tuesday 18 June 2013: My work was marked by Shaun May (Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Philosophy Department of the University of Liverpool), no longer anon, the comment remained the same.