Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ten Things

This morning I read through ‘Ten things every graduate should do*’, it’s on page ten of A-N Magazine’s Degree Shows Guide, 2012 ( I decided to compare my life to the list in a (hopefully) useful way, so here it is:

1. Stay engaged:
I fell off the radar for a little while after graduation but since then there have been plenty of art events, talks and exhibitions etc. in my diary. 'Keep your brain active and your eyes and ears engaged.'1

2. Be Part of a network:
This is incredibly important; if you want to succeed you have to get involved.

3. Get connected:
Opportunities come and go; it might take twenty rejection letters before you get the residency, job, internship or placement you so desperately want, so don’t give up. Regularly checking your emails for mailing list updates is a good way of keeping in the loop. It’s always better to be the first to know.

4. Manage your digital profile:
Link everything, to everything, take over the internet, think Pinky and the Brain.

5. Embrace social media:
Carefully and strategically.

6. Be focussed, work hard:
If you sit around waiting for it to happen, it won’t. Blood, sweat and tears here.

7. Get a studio:
Even if it’s the space between your bed and your wardrobe, if it’s where you work best, call it your studio. A shed, a tent, an abandoned multi-storey car park, it’s all good. If you do find yourself in a studio with others, it can be an extremely positive learning experience, embrace it.

8. Remember, art isn’t only about artists:
Amen to that, I drove head first into a wall of philosophers.

9. Think about going back to school:
Continuing onto an MA is probably the best decision I have ever made.

10. Don’t panic – take the long view:
Stay strong, believe in yourself and it will happen.

1. (Accessed 2nd January 2013)