Thursday, 3 January 2013

Air Hostess Chic

Do the goldfish know I’m doing the dishes?

Most of my day was spent procrastinating but I have a feeling that tonight will be the night my two MA essays are finalised, write and cite. I start my Curatorial Studentship with Tate Liverpool on Monday morning. ‘The Tate Studentship offers the chance to work within the Exhibitions and Displays team at Tate Liverpool, on a variety of different projects. The successful candidate will work on the forthcoming exhibition Glam! The Performance of Style, the first exhibition to explore glam style and sensibility in-depth. As well as carrying out loan research and administration, they will also be present during the installation and see behind-the-scenes of realising a large-scale international exhibition. There will also be the opportunity to feed into discussions about future exhibitions and collection displays at Tate Liverpool Programme Group meetings, as well as being involved in the 2013 Collection change that will see both floors of the collection displays renewed.’

What shall I wear? Well, I seem to have more suits than Gilbert and George combined. I wore a purple suit to the interview and I’m considering a red suit for the first day, I call it Nineteen Seventies Air Hostess Chic.