Monday, 29 October 2012

Positive Feedback

Yesterday, I received an incredibly commendable message via my Saatchi Online profile. The elation I felt, reassured me. It made me realise that in the past, I would often dwell on criticism, thus causing me to over look the constructive support of others. I won't post the entire message but I will share the following quote.
The fractal element in your work, seems very pertinent to the nature of the way that we're starting to see the world these days. Multidimensionality is shaping our view more and more; how laws underpin reality. Maybe it speaks to the exploding, imploding nature of our existence.
I really appreciate people who take the time to consider what it is I'm doing, regardless of their opinions on my work, they are attempting to work out what it is I'm trying to achieve. People who see beyond simplistic objects and white cube spaces. Those who attempt to analyse, to justify, to empathise. The ability to generate, to facilitate such observations and thought processes is what keeps me going.