Saturday, 26 May 2012

Exaggeration: Part I

We span around the room, embraced, dancing, laughing, smiling. The music blasted. No furniture. I lost my footing and stumbled, we stumbled, we fell, one on top of the other, still laughing, still smiling. We stared deep into one another’s eyes, still smiling, no longer laughing. We kissed. The music blasted.

I could walk into any bar in that town and be assured I’d know at least one person, if not when I walked in, then by the end of the night at least. I knew most people, through one person or another and I could convince anyone that they knew me, that they recognised me. The chameleon, the wordsmith, the shape shifter, the raconteur, the spinner of tall tales, yet ever such a convincing phony was I, they never saw it coming.

Taunts and jeers fell deaf on my naive ears. I’d often sit there, smiling, laughing, oblivious to the conversation being so stunted and contrived. The music blasted.

Time, seconds, minutes, nights, days, mornings, afternoons, evenings, back to nights, back to days. I wondered, conversations here and there, occasionally dancing, laughing, smiling. I wondered. Plagued by uncertainty I tried to force the situation to reoccur but there wasn’t much point. I had already left. I had left that place a long time ago, in spirit. My physical self no longer present on those streets, at the bar, in the park, in and out of the shops, around a table, in a circle on the floor. Ring of fire.

Pulling one another up on to our feet, we span around once more, effortlessly floating, as though our bodies were no longer affected by gravity, as though nothing but the uncontrollable desire to fall back down and kiss once again existed. Neither one of us willing to admit that it was beautiful, both knowing, that it required nothing more than a mutual appreciation. A silent knowledge that this, something as short, sweet and tender as a kiss between friends could be so easily forgotten was a crime against nature. If I fall back down. I longed to fall back down. The music blasted.